Facials in Orem Skin Care Routine: Exfoliation and Frequency Tips

facials skin care routine tips

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the key basics and benefits of facial treatments for many people. This is a broad term that can describe a few different actual procedures, from exfoliation to extraction, toning and more — and many people find that involving a facial in their regular skincare routine is highly beneficial.

At Seasons Salon and Day Spa, we’re proud to offer the very best facial services to clients in Orem and other parts of Utah, plus tips on how these services may benefit you. What are some other reasons you might consider adding these treatments to your regular skincare routine? Here are several, plus a recommendation on how often a facial should or can be done depending on your needs.

Value of Exfoliation

As we noted above, one common piece of a professional facial will be exfoliation, which refers to the manual or chemical removal of the topmost layer of skin cells. This is beneficial for a few reasons: first, it can help to remove built-up oils and other debris that can lead to congestion and breakouts; secondly, it can reveal fresher, newer skin cells that will look brighter and more radiant; and finally, it can help to unclog pores and improve their overall appearance.

Exfoliation is recommended at least once a week if you have normal to oily skin, while those with dry or sensitive skin should exfoliate only two or three times a month. A facial can help to achieve all of these goals — and more — as part of a regular skincare routine.

Care from Experts

Another major plus of the professional facial is the care and expertise of the esthetician who will be providing it. They will have extensive knowledge of skincare and what products and treatments are best for your individual skin type, which can help to achieve better results than you might at home on your own.

In addition, professional skincare experts will be able to spot any potential problems or concerns with your skin and recommend a course of action to address them, whether it be a different type of facial or a different set of products. This level of care is difficult to replicate on your own, so if you’re looking for the best possible skincare results, it’s worth investing in regular facials.

Frequency Depending on Your Needs

How often you should get a facial depends on your individual skincare needs. If you’re looking for a deep-cleansing treatment that can help to clear up breakouts or blackheads, then a facial every four to six weeks may be ideal. However, if you’re mainly looking for relaxation and pampering, then a monthly facial may be all you need.

For more on the major value of facials and why many people utilize them as a regular part of their skincare routine, or to learn about any of our skin care, massage or other salon services in Orem, speak to the pros at Seasons Salon and Day Spa today.

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