Facials in Skin Care Routine: Circulation and Hydration Benefits

facials skin care routine benefits Facials in Skin Care Routine Circulation and Hydration Benefits

Among those who prioritize quality skin care, there are several regular practices that might be part of your process. One particular type that many in this realm find great value from, and tend to schedule frequently, is a professional facial treatment.

At Seasons Salon and Day Spa, we’re happy to offer the very best facial services and numerous other spa programs in Orem, UT. Many of our clients schedule facials with us regularly as a standard part of their skin care routine, and have found great benefits from doing so. What are some of the reasons you might consider adding the facial as a consistent part of your skin care regimen? This two-part blog series will go over several.

What is a Facial?

For those who have never had a facial treatment before, it’s a process that involves a few different specific treatments. These may include exfoliation (removal of dead skin), extraction (removal of impurities from the skin), toning, steaming, mask application, and more. The facial will typically conclude with a moisturizer being applied to make the skin healthy and hydrated after all other steps have been taken.

Facials are an intensive treatment that can help replenish your skin’s natural barrier against harmful elements like UV rays, dryness, and more. They’re often ideal when periodically combined with other parts of your skin care regimen, like sunscreen applications. For the best results, you might consider having a facial that’s part of your regular schedule at least quarterly.

Our next few sections will go over some of the specific reasons many clients enjoy facials as part of their regular routine.

Circulation Improvements

Between the massaging effects on your face and other treatments applied, the facial is likely to enhance circulation. This is due to the fact that the facial process helps optimize blood flow, ensuring more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the skin. It’s also able to draw more blood to your face, helping it look better and feel healthier overall. Finally, it even stimulates your lymphatic system to flush out toxins, leading to healthier skin.

Hydration Effects

We all want smooth and healthy skin, and what’s one of the best ways to ensure that? Hydration. After all, healthy skin is hydrated skin. Facials can help you achieve great hydration levels by relaxing your facial muscles. This leads to a natural release of tension and inflammation right underneath the skin’s surface, meaning more moisture stays in the skin and less gets lost.

In addition, the facial offers fantastic moisturizing benefits. The exfoliation process ensures that the skin’s natural moisturizing factors are increased, helping it stay hydrated for longer periods of time each day. After all your other steps in your beauty routine, your skin will be ready to absorb any moisturizer like a sponge!

For more on why many people enjoy facial treatments as part of their standard skin care routine, or to learn about our facials or any other spa services in Orem, speak to the staff at Seasons Salon and Day Spa today.

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