At Seasons Salon and Day Spa, we don’t just cut hair — we offer designer haircuts and finishes. You can get a men’s haircut for under $28, and women’s haircut for under $44. When you want a hair stylist to give you a bob haircut or any other type of haircut, we are the hair salon to turn to. Our stylists are highly trained to give you the perfect haircut that you desire.

We also offer our hair styling services for formal events, such as dances or weddings. With an entire bridal package, you’ll receive all things hair and nails. Should you require after hour services for our bridal package, we offer that as well.

Haircuts Price List

Hair Coloring

Are you bored with your hair color, or are your greys starting to come in? Whatever the reason you have for wanting to get your hair color changed, Season Salon and Day Spa is well-equipped with not only the right tools for the job, but also highly skilled stylists as well. From blonde highlights to all over color, we know exactly how to perform your hair dye job so it doesn’t come out looking tacky or unnatural on you.

Most of our hair coloring services cost around $50, although our more skilled services such as special effects and ombre color melt can cost over $100, depending on your hair length and condition. You can give us a call to schedule an appointment or just walk right on in!

Hair Coloring Price List

Hair Smoothing and Texturing

If you have a hard time getting your wild hair under control, you may benefit from hair smoothing and texturing treatments. One of the most popular treatments is the Brazilian Blowout, which uses a Brazilian Super-Nutrient Complex to completely smooth your frizzy hair and make it more manageable. It makes your hair radiant and also protects it from further damage. Our Brazilian Blowout price starts at $199.

We also offer luxury conditioning treatments for under $20. These treatments use L’Oreal Professionnel products and they help repair, enhance, strengthen, nourish, and protect your hair. We have many different treatments for all different types of hair conditions, so ask our stylist which one is right for you.

Hair Smoothing and Texturing Treatments Price List

Specialty Hair Extensions

If you aren’t happy with the length or volume of your natural hair, hair extensions can help you make up for whatever you feel deficient in. Seasons Salon and Day Spa offers tape in extensions, weft pro sew in extensions, and bead lock strand by strand extensions. We use the best quality products available so your hair extensions look as natural as possible. They’ll completely blend in with your natural hair, so people won’t have a clue that you have extensions in!

A consultation is required before we can apply your new hair extensions as we need to familiarize ourselves with your hair and its condition. Prices vary for extensions. We base our prices on a case by case basis.

Specialty Hair Extensions Price List

Haircuts and Treatment

At Seasons Salon and Day Spa, we pride ourselves on offering designer haircuts as well as finishes and treatments. Whether it’s a lady looking to cut their hair or it’s a man wanting to change their haircut, we can handle it. Seasons Salon and Day Spa has the professionals to help you achieve the kind of hair design and treatment or finish you desire. For under $28, you can get a fabulous men’s haircut while women get their haircuts for under $44. Besides, we have different hairstyling designs made for different occasions – whether a formal event, wedding, or dances. Don’t let your haircut design ruin your occasion, enjoy our hair split end repair treatment packages for your ideal occasion or event. 

Hair Coloring

The kind of hair coloring service you get defines how confident you feel about yourself. Perhaps you are bored with your existing hair color or you want to mask out those greys that are beginning to sprout – we have the right hair dye job to create the transformation you need. Seasons Salon and Day Spa has skilled stylists who use the right tools for your hair dye job. We offer Balayage service or Balayage hair color service to change the look of your hair. 

We ensure that your hair dye does not come out looking unnatural or tacky on you. Costing around $50, our hair coloring services will give you the hair color that you need. We also have high-end hair coloring services that bring in special effects as well as ombre color melt costing over $100 – however, that depends on the length and condition of the hair.  Whether it’s a men’s hair coloring or a women’s hair coloring, we do it professionally. 

Hair Smoothing and Texturing

At Seasons Salon and Day Spa, we offer various hair smoothing and texturing treatments. You can sample out our Brazilian Blowout that utilizes a Brazilian Super-Nutrient Complex allowing your frizzy hair to be smooth while also making it to be more manageable. Brazilian Blowout makes your hair to be radiant while also protecting it against further damage. At a price starting from $199, you are sure that your hair won’t be frizzed anymore. 

In addition, we have luxury conditioning treatment that costs you under $20. Using L’Oreal Professional products, we make sure that we repair, enhance, strengthen, as well as nourish and protect your delicate hair. Depending on your hair condition, we offer different kinds of treatments. 

Specialty Hair Extensions

Sometimes, you are not happy with your hair volume or length, so you want to get hair extensions. At Seasons Salon and Day Spa, we have various kinds of hair extensions including weft pro-sew-in extensions, tape-in extensions, and bead lock strand-by-strand extensions. Our hairstylists ensure that they give you makeup and treatments that complement your natural look. Our hair extensions will completely blend with the natural hair ensuring that people don’t realize you have extensions in. 

Whether you are looking for hair repair treatment or women’s single process coloring, we will give you the best outcome. 

For your fresh and stylish cut or hair coloring, call us on (801) 223-9356!

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