Which Massage Styles Are Best?

If you are looking to relax in Orem, a massage is a great choice. By engaging in this type of therapy, you can cure a multitude of issues. Stress can be reduced, sleep quality can be enhanced, and injuries can become less painful. However, with so many different types of massage available, which type is best?

Swedish Massage

The most popular type of massage performed in the United States is the Swedish massage. With this type of massage, you can expect your therapist to use smooth motions, kneading, and circular strokes to loosen muscles. This is a gentle, yet relaxing, massage that is perfect for first timers.

Deep-Tissue Massage

For those who struggle with injuries or sore muscles, a deep-tissue massage might be best. Instead of focusing on relaxation, your therapist will use deeper movements to target the tissues below the surface. While it might leave you sore for a day or two, it’s a great way to heal and recover.

Prenatal Massage

It’s no secret that pregnancy can be hard on the body. Because the body is constantly expanding and adjusting to accommodate a growing baby, soreness and pain are very common. This type of massage is performed by therapists who are specifically trained to work with pregnant women. Special positions are used to ensure safety and comfort during the massage. This type of massage is great for reducing stress, relieving aches and pains, and decreasing the swelling that can occur during pregnancy.

Hot Stone Massage

This type of massage uses a combination of smooth movements with warm stones. These stones are placed on certain points of the body to help loosen tension and balance energy within the body. It’s a perfect way to relax through the warmth of the stone without having too much pressure placed on the body.

So, which type of massage is best? It depends on the result you want! The best way to determine which massage is right for you is by speaking with a licensed massage therapist in Orem. By explaining your needs, he or she can help you to determine which course of action will be most beneficial.

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