Wedding Gifting to the Spa

Pre-Wedding Gifting Gift giving need not be relegated to after the wedding. Your gift can be something that helps prepare the bride and groom for their big day.

In fact, if you are a part of the bridal team, it’s your job to help prep the couple for the wedding, so a great gift from the bridesmaids and groomsmen could be a relaxing His and Hers day at Seasons, to help them de-stress from all of the wedding planning and make themselves picture perfect for the photogs on their big day. His and Hers facials, manis and pedis and massages are just some of the things you can choose for your pre-wedding gift of indulgence. If there’s no time for a His and Hers massage before the wedding, offer it as a gift for the couple to enjoy on their honeymoon.

Honeymoon Gifting An alternative to gifting the couple a spa treatment before their wedding is to offer it as a honeymoon gift instead. Time at a spa together right before their nuptials will certainly help the couple to unwind from the stresses that go along with wedding planning, but they may still not be able to fully relax if their minds are on the big day that’s only hours away. During their honeymoon, however, every single worry and concern about what could possibly go wrong at the wedding will be behind them, and they can truly get down to the business of relaxing and enjoying each other as husband and wife. “His and Hers” treatments at a Seasons Salon and Day Spa during their honeymoon are the perfect way to accomplish this.


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