Volume Lashes

Can we talk about my new volume lashes by Dannie?

My first time with a full volume set, and this girls first time doing one!! (We shared firsts😍)

I’m loving them. my lashes are full, thick and luscious but the best part is you can’t feel them, they aren’t heavy.

My favorite part is how fluffy they feel. And not to mention how much they make my eyes pop!!! This busy mamma has no time for flaky mascara in the mornings, so a lash nap every couple weeks and beautifully done lashes are just up my alley! 


More benefits and about volume lashes…

2D-6D Volume+ Lashes!  New Eyelash Extensions volumized technique
  • 200+ lashes per eye
  • Perfect for fine or sparse natural lashes
  • Longer lasting than Traditional lashes
Designed to20161006_162931 provide clients with the increased volume they are searching for, but in a way that does not overload and damage the natural lashes, Volume+ Lashes can be anywhere from 2-6 times the natural lash length and number. Traditional eyelash extensions are applied one by one to the natural lashes, and for clients who have naturally sparse or fine lashes it’s not always possible to get that extreme volume. Volume Lashes allow a client who has sparse lashes, or those with regular lashes to have more lashes applied than would normally be allowed, due to the number of natural lashes to work with, giving a naturally soft and thick, voluminous appearance.
Volume+ lashes are superfine and incredibly light, and 3–6 lashes can be applied per natural lash to create incredible volume on any type of eyelash. The lack of weight in the extensions also means that they are healthier for the natural lashes, and with proper care, will generally last a lot longer than traditional eyelash extensions.
Not for the impatient, the service takes around 2-3.5 hours, depending on the look a client is after. And you can be assured of an absolutely stunning, long lasting look that will be the envy of your friends!
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