Should pole dancing be recognized as an Olympic sport?

Pole dancing often carries with it certain negative connotations in the minds of many people, but the truth is it's simply a great way to get in shape and express yourself physically. It is the sheer demanding nature of the activity that is leading one group in California to petition the International Olympic Committee to recognize pole dancing as a sport for the 2016 games. A petition began circulating on earlier this month.

The International Pole Sports Federation is one of the major organizations behind this push for recognition at the next summer games. Because of this support, many women across the country have been taking pole dancing classes and training in the event that it becomes an actual part of the Olympic competition. Sacramento-based instructor Mone't Ha-sidi tells local NBC affiliate KCRA that there are certain aspects of pole dancing that demand recognition as a sport.

Specifically, Ha-sidi says to the news outlet that pole dancing is a source of cardio and strength training, and would be a more "gymnastics-based" event if it were to make it to the Olympics. She teaches pole dancing classes six days a week in Sacramento, offering women a variety of different styles and options to try out during classes throughout the week. Many of Ha-sidi's students refer to the classes not as pole dancing, but rather "pole fitness", a grueling and intense – but ultimately rewarding – exercise.

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