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Reposted @courtneyspatrouve Imagine building a salon for 17 years with your blood, sweat, and tears only to wake up one morning to find out it is burning to the ground.
@shadesof.autumn from @seasonssalonanddayspa has lived through this devastating experience. On today’s podcast she shares the real and raw reality of rebuilding her dream. It’s not for the weak, I can tell you that!

Autumn is unbelievably resilient, and we are rooting for her so hard! And, new and improved space will be opening this weekend! Listen to this episode and be cheer her on with us..

The Glow Boss Podcast: Autumn Hopkin Spencer: Rising From The Ashes After Losing Her Salon to a Fire on Apple Podcasts


Seasons New Location Is Finished And Ready To Pamper All!!! We Built A Brand New Space 4 minutes North of our existing distorted location.  We’re Inviting everyone to come see for yourself our beautiful new space. Built with passion, love, dedication and resilience. A place of healing from the inside out. Experience a BRAND NEW SEASON with Seasons Salon and Day Spa!!

Seasons Salon and Day Spa, Autumn Spencer’s Orem business, burned on November 19. All assets were lost.

Autumn started the business when she was 21 years old. For years, she and a single employee did everything, with a focus on nails and hair. Then her business began to grow, and over the course of time she steadily grew it into an award-winning spa with over 45 workers. She added on to the spa twice and remodeled it five times to offer a holistic healing experience. Rather than focusing on fast, transactional services, Autumn sought to create an ambiance that encouraged women and men from all walks of life to take a break and care for their bodies. Clients often stayed at the spa for hours, enjoying facials, hair, nails, saunas, and tanning beds. Entire wedding parties enjoyed scheduling a day at the spa ahead of the wedding to relax and rejuvenate.

Autumn prioritized relationships as she built her business. That ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ approach made the business more rewarding because it was a reflection of her identity. After the catastrophic loss, those in her circle rallied around her.

The fire happened on the mornings of one of the busiest days of the year, the last Saturday before Thanksgiving. Autumn woke up to a call from her security monitors informing her that the security system at her building had lost power. When she drove into work to investigate, she saw smoke and instantly knew in her gut that it was her building. The firemen had arrived just minutes before. She went to open the door to let them in but was ushered away because of the safety risk. She sat in the parking lot for four hours and watched the business that had become part of her identity over the past seventeen years burn to the ground.

Autumn and her husband Nate, though grieving, wasted no time in inaction. Autumn met with her employees that evening and told them that she would find a new home for the spa by the time business opened on Monday – two days later! She had client bookings to service and employees to pay and the alternative of folding up shop never was a consideration. A friend who owned a spa just minutes away offered to let Autumn lease part of his space, and she was miraculously back in business just 36 hours after the fire took everything.

Of course, this was a temporary solution, and Autumn immediately went about seeking to secure a new permanent home. A month later, she and Nate found and closed on a new spa location in Lindon, just two miles from her original location. They have been building out the spa to recapture the spirit of the original and are scheduled to open their doors at the end of March.

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