Remodel in the making

Hi guys! It’s Autumn, I’m the owner over here at Seasons! I’m extremely excited to announce we just celebrated our 11 year anniversary of pampering you! Yessss 11 years!!! Just a small town girl with BIG dreams at the young age of 21 I took a leap of faith and dove in headfirst with my hubby on my right side and passion on my left!! The journey definitely has had its extreme HIGHS and LOWS!!!! The feeling of failures, wanting to quit, being shut down, yelled at, disrespected, lied to, hurt, beaten and ashamed are all moments that have happened. Guys, think about it for a HOT MINUTE. Service industry careers live on a 1-5 Star rating on a daily basis! Could you imagine the feeling of being rated by emotion everyday, every hour, every moment, and every second at work? Yes WE do! And it’s not an easy task. However, the rewards of making people feel good are so high that we overlook the other days, day in and day out!! I’m real, I’m just a mamma with 3 beautiful daughters, 2 adorable frenchies and a hunk I get to call my hubby! I’m living the dream everyday! Livin’ it like “EVERY MOMENT MATTERS!!!” It’s the moments that take your breath away that melt your heart. The weeks that I’m away from my family for 70+ hours are worth it when I get to lay on the beach with them for weeks at a time!

I get asked often, “Autumn how do you do it?” You know the answer is different every time (haha). It definitely depends on the moment! Today my answer to that question is, well my friends I take it one moment at a time, I make every moment matter, and I remember these beautiful people that I call my family. I remember my WHY, my passion, my dedication, my dream, my hope, and my faith! I take all of these little seeds I plant them together in my little brain and I hold strong! I don’t let the hurt get inside of me, I don’t let the pain knock me down, I don’t let the hours destroy me, I don’t let the rejection hurt! Instead I grow with passion, love, inspiration, and motivation. I surround myself with people that have the same passions as me and people that BELIEVE in me. In return I BELIEVE in them! Someone once told me “It’s NOT about how many times you FALL, it’s about how many times you GET BACK UP!” I’d be lying if I told you its a cake walk and its all kicks and giggles everyday! But with the real thing, the real Autumn it’s just one moment at a time, Its “BELIEVE you can do it, and YOU’RE halfway there!”

I believe in my team and I’m honored to have the opportunity to have such talented individuals touch my life in so many ways. I’m honored to have all the highs and lows. Because of my weaknesses I am stronger today! I have had the incredible opportunity to help grow so many professionals into such strong and talented people! I am so thankful for all that has been sent my way! We are ONLY as STRONG as our TEAM! I love having the opportunity to build strong teams. To learn from them, grow with them, inspire to be like them, and pamper our guests with them! Without our guests this crazy thing I call a DREAM wouldn’t be possible!

So 11 years? Right… I cant believe it either. We are on our 5th remodel/expansion! You could say I LOVE making GOALS and CRUSHING them! I love change! Oh and I love improving the current moment to a better one! I’m always looking for areas of improvement and growth! I am proud to announce we are preparing for our 5th remodel! In fact we spent 8 hours through the night painting and adding walls to the Salon!! We expanded our Spa in 2008 with a gorgeous Tuscan atmosphere, with warm lighting soothing smells, relaxing music- a total place of pampering and rejuvenation! In 2010 we added 5 TANNING beds, 4 wax and lash rooms along with a fitness studio! The fitness wasn’t the best add-on for our company unfortunately! We saw growth and improvement in our nail department and we decided to expand it to a bright, welcoming nail studio in 2014- with 7 areas for pedicures and a nail bar that accommodates 9 guests at a time. We are lucky to have a studio full of passion and creativity! Just to name a few of our previous adventures! Now it’s time for us to embark on yet another journey!

I invite you to join in on our journey as we undertake this adventure with our new salon remodel. We have done all of our changes with our own hands. You could say that Seasons is built of blood, sweat and tears, lots of HARD WORK and extreme DEDICATION! We are changing all the paint, walls, floors, ceilings, lighting and hair stations! It’s a very Merry Christmas for us all! I Can’t wait to pamper you in the NEW YEAR in our NEW SALON!!! Due to the remodel we will be closing all hair services from December 26-December 31! Thank you for all of your continued support! Follow Seasons on snapchat (@seasonssalon) and Instagram @seasonssalonanddayspa  Click here to follow Seasons on Instagram !

We would love to hear your thoughts and comments! If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! We value you as a guest and look forward to a long relationship of pampering you!

Yours in service,

Autumn Spencer


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