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Now Offering Sugar Waxing with Whitnee

We can use Sugaring instead of wax for all regular waxing services. Request Sugaring with Whitnee

There’s no better way to get rid of bikini hair than with waxing or sugaring. Both options give smoother, better results than shaving, but which hair removal method is your best bet?

Sugar and Wax Pricing

Sugaring Works

Sugaring, an alternative to wax, is made up of a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, and water. Hair needs to be longish for the waxing to work because the wax needs to bind on the hair in order for it to be waxed.

The more traditional method uses a paste and applied with the hands, not a stick. The other common sugaring method uses a gel and is applied much in the same way as wax.

What Body Hair Should You Have Waxed or Sugared?

The legs and the bikini area are both the most popular spots for waxing and sugaring, with the upper lip and brows also popular spots. Some people go so far as to get their arms waxed or sugared and back waxings on men have become very popular.

By far the most popular area to be waxed or sugared is the bikini area, with more and more women getting Brazilian waxes for the cleanest hair-free experience possible.


The Pain Factor

The pain factor here is high with both methods, although some people claim sugaring is less painful.

The first time hurts the most. Hair grows in thinner. (We swear). After a couple of times, it hurts a bit less.

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