Now Offering Natural Beaded Row Extensions by McKenzie

We are proud to announce our stylist McKenzie Sellers has completed her certification with Danielle White, founder or Natural Beaded Extensions. McKenzie is extremely passionate about hair and looks forward to every opportunity to pamper each guest to the fullest when they sit in her chair. With her drive and passion McKenzie can conquer the world, and we are proud to do it by her side, here at Seasons!

Natural Beaded Row Extnesions

Now adding one more method of extensions to our menu * Natural Beaded Extensions by McKenzie Sellers, Sew In Extensions by Audi, Liz, Kenzie H, and Ashley, Tape in extensions and bead lock extensions by Audi, Liz, Suzanne, Autumn, Ashley, Kenzie H, and McKenzie S.

Interested in learning more about Natural Beaded Extensions? We are excited to share with you! You can jump over to for more details.

How is this possible? From the owner, Danielle White

“Natural Beaded Rows is a customized experience created for each of my clients based upon the head of hair my client has and the look they are seeking! I place on average only 1.5 – 2 rows of hair in my clients hair during a normal seating. I sew multiple pieces of hair together and attach the row to the head using a bead and string. There is no glue or tape involved, so the removal process is quick and simple and only takes about 5 minutes. I try and be creative and think outside the box and this has lead me to experiment with the Extension ‘Placement’, ‘Color’ and ‘Cutting’. After 12 years of work I finally had the BEST METHOD available with the least amount of damage to hair, and the least amount of
time in the salon. Natural Beaded Rows™ method was born out of my desire to cure my own hair dissatisfaction and has evolved into an international conversation with clients from all over North America. I 100% believe in my own product and wear NBR hair Extensions in my hair every single day, allowing me to constantly be testing and improving things.”


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