New Years Resolutions


 Drop Inches, reduce cellulite, improve appearance?

We have Solutions!!

The Synergie Cellulite treatment is a relaxing procedure that reduces the appearance of cellulite through a patented vacuum massage technology, which smooth’s and tightens the skin while improving circulation.

synergieAfter a Package of 16 treatments 2 a week for 8 weeks

Blast Cellulite Spa Package

60min Synergie Massage Cellulite Treatment, beauty Angel Red Light Therapy Session,  infrared Body Wrap, Infrared Sauna Session $170 value for $98

Ultimate Cellulite Reduction

M’lis Contour Wrap, Synergie vacuum Massage, Beauty Angel Collagen Booth, Infrared Sauna Session $185 value for $112

 Detox Wellness

60min Infrared Body Wrap, 30min Cranial Massage, 30min infrared sauna session $110 value for $75


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