It’s Been A Year

One year!!! I am extremely thankful for all the special acts of kindness, giving, donations, prayers, love, and support. We couldn’t have done it without @reliksalonandspa
And @simplyskinlaser.chrissy for opening their doors, hearts, and arms to all of us, @seasonssalonanddayspa .

Every donation mattered and still matters. We are so thankful πŸ™ . THANKFUL for all of the love and support ❀️ thankful for our incredible team, my family and friends that where there for me countlessly.

β€’ One of my biggest life lessons and testimonies from the tragedy and loss is to not focus on what was, but what’s around you. We went from 2500 clients a month to 200. It’s the 200 that are important it’s the 200 that showed up.
It’s the note of encouragement someone gave. it’s the little things. IT’S NOT ABOUT MAKING MONEY, IT’S ABOUT MAKING A LIFE!! Through this journey, the people who have made efforts to tell me how and why Seasons have changed their life for the better. How we were or are the safe place they felt comfortable to go to. How we helped them with their grief of a loved one, divorce, life trials, etc. That’s what Seasons is. Seasons is a home away from home where all walks of life can come feel welcome, loved, and relaxed from life’s adventures.

We’re honored and grateful πŸ™ we get to be there through all of the Seasons of life. Thank you for keeping Seasons Alive through the hardest year of our journey. We’re thankful for all its taught us and the values we’ve learned.

Xoxo- Autumn

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