How to Remove Acrylic Nails at Home

Acrylic nails are a beautiful addition for everyday wear and especially for special occasions. With regular length nails to longer options, these nails can not only help your nails look the same each day, but they can also keep your nails strong if they are weak. With so many options for acrylic nails, you’ll never be bored–from navy blue, to light pink, floral designs, sparkles, and traditional French nails, you can have whatever you like with acrylic nails. But, one of the biggest problems with acrylic nails is taking them off. If you are wondering how to remove acrylic nails, here are a few different options that you can try.


The first option is the most used, especially for those with a lot of experience with acrylic nails. Acetone is a great way to remove acrylic nails and will only take about 20 minutes to do. For the first step, you’ll want to trim your nails as short as possible to make them easier to take off.

Next, get acetone and pour it into a bowl, but just an inch or so full. Buffer your nails to remove as much gloss as you can. Use petroleum jelly to cover the skin around your nails and proceed to dip your nails in the acetone. The petroleum jelly is to protect your skin as acetone can be hard on the skin. After twenty minutes of soaking, you should be able to peel the acrylic nails off. If the acrylic is still hard to peel off (you won’t want to pry them off), soak for another 5 minutes until they are easier to remove.

When you’re done, use a buffer to get any remaining glue or acrylic off. Because your nails and hands will likely be dry after this process, use hand lotion and massage it into your hands and nails to give them a little more moisture.
If you don’t like or have acetone, there are a few other options that you can use to get your acrylic nails off.


Though this option can cause a little more trauma to your nails, but is still very effective, you can use floss to remove your nails as well. First, you’ll want to take a file to the edge of your nail and gently lift up the nail so that you and your helper can slide dental floss underneath. After, proceed to slide the floss back and forth across the nail, gently loosening the nail and the glue until the nail pops off. Though this is another good option, this isn’t a great way to remove acrylic nails if you have peeling or brittle nails, as you can damage them further with this process.

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