How to manage your hair while traveling

When it comes to going on vacation, you will need to plan out everything ahead of time. While the major details will need to be taken care of first – choosing a destination, booking a hotel, buying airline tickets – it is important that you don’t overlook the details. This is especially true of your personal appearance, as you will likely need to alter your beauty regimen while out traveling with friends or family. Just because you won’t have access to all of your usual household amenities doesn’t mean you still can’t look your best!

Here are a few tips for managing your hair on vacation:

  • Check the hotel: Before you try and stuff everything possible into the limited size available in your suitcase, check to see what amenities the hotel offers each room. That way you will know what you will have waiting for you and what you can leave at home.
  • Know the climate: One of the most important things you can do is research the climate of your vacation spot before you leave. Different areas of the world will present different challenges, so being aware of the humidity of Mexico during the summer, for example, will allow you to plan by bringing anti-frizz products.
  • Pack the essentials: No matter where you are going, you should at least have the basic hair care products you will need. Shampoo, conditioner and a brush should all be packed right away.

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