How to Maintain Your Eyelash Extensions

One of the most desired cosmetic enhancements are eyelash extensions in Orem. They have a way of opening up the female eye as well as creating a number of head turns. The common misconception is how they actually work. These types of extensions are applied by using single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are attached to each individual eyelash using a special bonding agent. They are completely weightless and feel just like your regular eyelashes. The adhesive also dries softly onto the lashes without causing any irritation to the eye.

Eye make-up



When it comes time that you choose to get your eyelashes done, there are a few options to select from before they are applied. There are different lengths and thicknesses as well as brand of eyelashes available. If you want a dramatic look, then the thicker and longer lashes will best suit your needs. To achieve this desired look, it takes up to two hours to create perfection. This is to ensure that the lashes look more natural and that the glue won’t get into the eyes and cause irritation or infection.


Eyelash extensions are amazing, especially if they are continually maintained. The best time to get a fill is every 2 to 3 weeks. When the lashes grow out, the glue can become uncomfortable and make it easier to want to pull on the lashes, which can damage both the natural and synthetic lashes. Staying on top of the maintenance will prevent any unnecessary damage to the treatment. It is also important to be very careful when rubbing the eyes. It is recommended to pat your eyes dry when washing your face, showering, swimming, or anything that is related to water. Also it is better to avoid any hot steam or a sauna, but there are products available to purchase if this does happen. Those products will re-seal the glue and make sure the bond is strong.

We tend to think that it will be fun to get something like this done but forget the maintenance that is required afterwards. The maintenance is key in having a successful experience. You won’t regret the amount of time you will save when you don’t need to apply mascara daily.

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