How to Ease Back Pain and Discomfort

Taking Care of Your Body

As we get older it is natural for our bodies to slowly get worn down. Unfortunately, our muscles aren’t capable of performing different movements like they used to. Age can have a profound effect on our muscles, which aren’t as flexible as they once were. Movements that were easy for us 10 or 20 years ago suddenly become difficult, and often bring bouts of pain that can last a short time or much longer. We need more time to complete our daily tasks, especially those that involve bending or lifting.What happens when our ordinary daily routines become so strenuous on the body, especially the back? It’s definitely the time for a relaxing
massage in Orem, UT,  to loosen up the muscles.


It’s common for strenuous labor workers to experience chronic lower back pain. Whether you are swinging a hammer, laying tile, or even painting, it can cause a lot of tension and pressure in the back. There are many ways to target specific areas in a massage to relieve that pain. An experienced massage therapist will be sure to warm up the spine by using the base of the hand and pads of the thumb. Rubbing in a circular motion will warm up the muscles quickly to work deeper into the inflicted areas. Using oils can be extremely helpful while continuing a kneading type motion. There are different oils that can help to release even more tension during a massage.

Trigger Points

A common mistake that is made during a massage is not continuing to rub out the entire muscle. The back doesn’t just stop at the back area. It also continues to the gluteus maximus. Everything is connected so it is important for the entire muscle to be worked thoroughly. Trigger points can also be helpful to relieve pain. There are specific muscles in the lower back that can be pushed deeply using the thumb that will trigger the releasing of tension. This can be done to multiple muscles on the back to slowly ease the unwanted pressure. Many people think that a quick massage session will do the trick, and all of their problems will be solved. That is easier said than done. Consistency is key when working on any pain within the body, but especially the back. Making sure to stay on top of the issue instead of waiting for the excruciating pain to set in will make you a lot more grateful.

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