Hey Blondie

 BLONDA™ Shampoo

It’s our absolute favorite for ALL BLONDES!!! Actually every one that has “lightened hair” that you don’t want to see “BRASS tones ”


You know when you get a highlight, balayage or all over bleach and you see GOLD, YELLOW, ORANGE, or RED in the lightened hair? Sometimes it’s just hues sometimes it’s more dramatic!!! Most of us cringe when we see it and it’s our worst fear EVER when we’re going to get out hair done!! ?

Yes we understand!!! BRASS tones aren’t complementary on very many people.  Theres a few ways to FIGHT THE BRASS!!! One of OUR FAVORITES is using a purple or blue shampoo and conditioner! Our recommendations are UNITE BLONDA!!

We use both UNITE BLONDA Shampoo and conditioner in our salon on the DAILY ? we recommend if you have lightened hair that you use it too to keep the BRASS away and those trendy ashy tones alive!!


Hey Blondie, you spend a lot of time and money getting those cool tones and highlights just right. Don’t you just hate it when your hair starts to go straw yellow like a stressed out scarecrow having a bad hair day? BLONDA Shampoo will keep your vibrant color cool and totally you!

  • Reduces brassiness in blonde and gray hair
  • Mild sulfates for simultaneous cleansing and toning
  • Free of Parabens and Sodium Chloride

FOR BEST RESULTS: Wet hair, apply, lather and rinse. DO NOT exceed 60 seconds in hair. Alternate with your favorite UNITE daily shampoo as necessary and follow with BLONDA Conditioner and your favorite UNITE styling agents.

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