Factors to Consider When Getting Eyelash Extensions

Seasons Salon And Day Spa_December_Factors to Consider When Getting Eyelash Extensions_Image 1Are you considering getting eyelash extensions? It is a beauty technique that has practical and aesthetic applications for many clients. It is a useful thing for all who want to add a little change in appearance, ease of makeup application, or a change in style.

Through the process of getting eyelash extensions, your eyelashes can get wider, longer, and more colorful. A wide range of color varieties like red, blue, green, black and more are available in beauty salons, offering an ample number of choices to you. While eyelash extensions are fun and beautiful, there are a few things to keep in mind when getting them.


The extension must preferably be done by professionals with a lot of experience as attaching lashes one by one is a bit tiring job and needs someone is experienced in the art. Inexperienced personnel might get tired before finishing the process, leading to a poorly done job. The final output would be a set of unclean or incomplete lashes showcasing over your eyes.


The extensions procedure is very comfortable; so don’t worry about it being painful. It’s so comfortable that clients tend to sleep during the eyelash application. It takes approximately two hours for professionals to finish putting on the whole new set of lashes, with touch up appointments taking less time.

Fills and New Lashes

Touch ups or fills must be arranged every 3 to 4 weeks for longer life of the lashes. However, the procedure needs to be fully redone by the experts at Seasons Salon and Day Spa every 6 to 8 weeks because bonding of the adhesive used to attach new lashes to the already existing ones weakens, ultimately leading to the detachment of lashes. Still, it mostly remains intact for up to eight weeks, depending on the usage style.


As far as your lifestyle goes, long exposure to water and oil has a damaging effect on the lashes. One is free to swim, sleep, cry, or bathe wearing good quality lashes, though.

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