Does Tanning Help with Acne?

We can’t help but hear it all the time that tanning is a huge risk. But, with the proper precautions, going out in the sun isn’t terrible, and we often hear about the many benefits from being outside, especially after a week of sitting in a cubicle. One of the most common benefits we hear about the sun and tanning is that it reduces acne–which is something we love to hear! If you are wondering about whether or not tanning will help your acne, here are just a few answers.

Can You Cure Acne with Tanning?

According to a few articles online, tanning WILL fix acne, but only for a short while. The sun will naturally dry out and fix pimples, as well as make your skin darker, which will hide any pimples on your face and make the redness less noticeable. So, good news, right? Wrong. After your acne goes away from being in the sun for a short while, your acne will come back and with a vengeance.

Why Does This Happen?

To explain a little more about how this happens, we turn to the oils in our skin. When we go tanning, the UV rays damage our skin, causing it to lose moisture and the oils to dry up. After a while of dry and acne-free skin, your skin will try and adjust back to normal by creating more oil than normal, which will cause a breakout of bigger proportions. Instead of making and keeping your skin free of acne, you’ll make your acne worse, even if it will appear better for a little while.

Bad Side Effects

Lastly, one of the worst things about combining the sun with acne are the products you may be using. If you are using any acne creams, they will likely include benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, both of which will make your skin more sensitive to the sun and will likely make you more red than tan.
In the end, tanning in Orem may not be the best solution for acne, even though it’s a great solution if you want to get a nice tan for the start of summer. If you have more questions about tanning, be sure to come and see us at Seasons Day Salon and Spa.

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