Do YOU have the COURAGE? I once was a 21 year old hair stylist with BIG DREAMS of owning my own business and being something important to somebody! With lots of FAITH and only PRIDE to loose I went for it! I’ve FAILED, but I’ve SUCCEEDED!! I’ve  LOST, but I’ve WON! I’ve CRIED,  and I’ve LAUGHED!! I’ve walked in the dark, I’ve ran in the LIGHT!! I’ve made MISTAKES, and I’ve made an IMPACT!!! Over the last 13yrs I’ve Conquered my GOAL and have had the COURAGE to keep going every morning when I wake up! Sometimes its the hardest thing I’ve ever done! Sometimes its the best reward. But most importantly I’ve shown myself I can be IMPORTANT to SOMEBODY and that SOMEBODY is ME!!!

Being a woman in business for 13yrs hasn’t been easy! So many highs and lows to list in one blog post! I do the best I can balancing all the many roles of the person in charge. I’m the go to even when I want to hide, I’m the marketer, even when I dont have any idea of what to do next. I’m the accountant, the smile, the HR department, the order, stocker, cleaner just to name a few. I’m also a stylist, wife and mommy.

I’ve been shamed online and humiliated through reviews even when the person never met me personally or had an experience with me. My emotions have been challenged and tested. I’ve cried and laughed.

I’m thankful for my journey and my courage to fight through the negatives and hang onto the positives!!!

Thank you for the love and support XOXO Autumn

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