5 Cleaning Tips for Eyelash Extensions

It’s essential to take care of your eyelash extensions. You must wash them daily! It’s actually very easy to care for eyelash extensions. Follow these easy steps to keep them clean and gorgeous.

Eyelash Extensions Cleaning tips

(Click on link to watch DIY cleaning tips for lashes)

Daily hygiene with a cotton swab: apply an oil free makeup remover ( or even baby shampoo) to a cotton swab and gently cleanse both the lower and upper eyelids

Daily hygiene with a wash cloth: wash and rinse face with a wash cloth and an oil-free cleanser. Wrap wash cloth around finger and gently wipe lower eyelid. To cleanse eyelash extensions, fold cloth and slowly blink.

Applying Sealant: simply apply clear/black sealant to eyelash extensions using a mascara wand.

Setting your eyelash extensions: using your finger, hold lashes in place while applying cool air from your blow dryer.

Five lash cleaning tips







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