Benefits of Massage for Muscle Pain and Other Ills

Many people think that massage is just a way to pamper yourself every once in a while. Of course, this is true, but it’s far from being the only benefit for massage. More and more, we are seeing that massage is a great way to treat chronic muscle pain and other health issues.

Pain Reduction

According to a recent study published in the Washington Post, Swedish back massage can significantly reduce pain in both the muscles and the joints. As you may expect, it is especially helpful in reducing pain in the muscles of the back. However, it can reduce pain in other areas as well.

One study compared patients who suffered from osteoarthritis pain in the knee; one group of patients received a weekly Swedish massage in addition to regular treatment, while the second group received only traditional treatments and medication. The group that received the weekly massages reported a significant reduction in pain, as well as improved use of the knee. These benefits continued even after the patients stopped receiving weekly massages. Of course, in addition to Swedish massages, other types of massages are effective at reducing back pain as well.

Stress-Related Conditions

In addition to reducing pain and muscle tension, massages can help with a variety of conditions related to stress. Put quite simply, stress wreaks havoc on your body’s natural balance. It can cause headaches, insomnia, digestive issues, and a variety of other conditions.

Receiving weekly massages can help to manage stress, and thereby reduce or eliminate symptoms and conditions related to stress. Even those who suffer from chronic migraines have seen a reduction in the frequency of their migraines with the help of massage therapy.

Improved Healing

Swedish massage has also been proven to be helpful in healing muscle damage, especially in sports-related injuries. Receiving a massage after a workout helps to stretch your tightened muscles and relax the overused tissues. This can prevent muscles spasms and cramping.

Massage also promotes blood flow to the tissues, which can speed and improve the healing process for muscles tears and other types of muscle damage.

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