7 Air Brush Spray Tanning Benefits

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your skin has to lose it’s healthy glow! With Spring just around the corner a nice bronzed glow might just be the perfect touch to brighten your spirits! In addition to making you look healthy and tan all year long, airbrush tanning provides a great alternative to traditional tanning methods. Here is a quick look at a few of the many benefits that an airbrush spray tan at Seasons Salon and Day Spa has.• Airbrush Spray Tan Benefits 1- Adds Definition: Not only does an airbrush tan provide a better overall look than a tanning bed or the sun, but it can also be used to highlight certain features of the tanner’s body. In fact, many people use spray on tans to accent their muscles to make them look more defined!

Airbrush Spray Tan Benefits 2- Quick Results: Airbrush tanning is the quickest way to a gorgeous glow.  In less than 20 minutes, our Aestheticians will custom-blend a color that will take any gal from boardroom to Brazil.  If you go a while without being exposed to the sun or a tanning bed, then you understand how long it can take to get your tan back. An airbrush tan will help you achieve the tan you want in a matter of minutes vs. the hours it may take in the sun or a tanning bed. A typical airbrush tan session with one of our professionals is 15-20min from start to finish.

Airbrush Spray Tan Benefits 3- No Tan Lines: No matter how tiny your bikini, you’ll still walk away from a day at the beach with unwanted tan lines. With an airbrush tan, you can get a healthy glow all over your body. Perfect touch for your wedding day, or special event! If you have a strapless dress you don’t want the tan lines to show.

airbrush spray tanning
Airbrush Spray Tanning at Seasons

Airbrush Spray Tan Benefits 4- Your Tan Will Last For Days: The airbrushed tan will last up to 7-10 days, depending on how well you will care for it. After the tan is airbrushed DO NOT  shower for 8 hours. After the required setting time has passed you can shower but without rubbing your skin and without using any shampoos or soap. The excess cosmetic bronzer will rinse off, you will typically lose 10-20% of your tan and the water will remain clear. Pat your skin dry without rubbing it so you don’t remove some of the tan. Moisturize your skin very well because that will ensure that the tan lasts longer and fade uniformly.

Airbrush Spray Tan Benefits 5- Natural Looking Tan: An airbrush tan looks similar to a natural tan that you obtained from lying out in the sun all day. Even when using light, med, or dark solutions the result will look like your natural darkened color.

Airbrush Spray Tan Benefits 6- Applied Completely By Hand, By A Professional: Airbrush spray tan is done completely by hand, ensuring each guest gets a glamorous and even glow from head to toe. Guests coming in for an airbrush tan are welcome to B.Y.O.B (bring your own bathing-suit) or help themselves to one of our disposable bikini’s. Tan lines are ALWAYS optional of course… no bathing suit is ever required.

Airbrush Spray Tan Benefits 7- You Get To RELAX: As our guest you can completely relax and enjoy the process without having to worry about breathing in harmful chemicals. Our revolutionary airbrush spray technology and solution produces very little “over-spray” and is coupled with a cutting-edge air purification system during your treatment, ensuring that you won’t have to breathe in anything harmful. We also have dry you after your tan to ensure no streaking and very little residue left behind.

An airbrush tan is the ultimate way to achieve healthy looking skin all year long with Seasons Salon and Day Spa. Visit Seasons to learn more about the many great benefits of airbrush tanning with us … and don’t forget we also have a full service tanning salon available too!

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