5 foods that will help create stronger hair

When it comes to your hair, you likely have a routine that you follow in order to keep your locks as strong and beautiful as possible. While shampoo, conditioner and the dozens of other products used all play a key role in making your hair look great, the truth is that your diet can also have a drastic impact.

Getting the essential vitamins and minerals each day to ensure flowing and effortlessly gorgeous hair is possible through what you eat, as long as you are aware of the food you are putting in your body. As a bonus, the healthy foods will make the rest of you look great too!

Here are a few foods that will help strengthen your hair:

  • Beef: Foods that are filled with iron will help keep your hair strong. Consuming beef throughout the week will keep your hair from becoming brittle or too thin.
  • Bread: While carbs might not be your favorite food to eat, the truth is it's very important for your hair. Low-carb diets are often attributed to thin and brittle hair.
  • Cheese: This dairy is rich in vitamin A and C, which acts as a body's natural hair conditioner. Eating cheese regularly will give your hair a natural glow and shine.
  • Fish: Whether you enjoy salmon or prefer tuna, you should make fish a regular part of your diet. Seafood is rich in zinc, a chemical that helps prevent hair loss.
  • Nuts: Different kinds of nuts – such as almonds or walnuts – are filled with selenium, a material that will help maintain the health of your scalp, which will lead to healthier hair.

If you are interested in exploring other healthy hair tips, be sure to schedule an appointment with Seasons Salon and Day Spa!

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