4 things to know before having your hair dyed

If you are thinking about changing up your appearance, a popular way to do so is by getting your hair colored. This is something that men and women of all ages do – whether you want to cover up some grays that are coming in or simply want to update your look for a new year or season. The best way to get the results you are looking for is to book an appointment with a salon, as the stylist will know all of the best hair color techniques to give you the exact results that you are looking for!

Here are a few things to know before you go in for a hair dye appointment:

  • Don't wash your hair: For a few days before you have the process done, you should not wash out or shampoo your hair. You shouldn't be afraid to let your hairdresser see you with messy hair because the results of washing will end up being much more painful. When we shampoo our hair we massage the scalp and leave it open and vulnerable, so the coloring chemicals can burn your scalp after direct stimulation. The best rule of thumb is to simply leave your hair alone before having it dyed.
  • Going darker is safer: If you have never had your hair dyed before but are interested in trying it out, you should go darker rather than lighter. This is a much less damaging process to your hair and will end up being much safer for you. The reason for this is relatively simple – if you dye your hair blonde or a lighter shade, you are actually stripping the color right out of the cortex of your hair. To do this requires bleach, which can have long-lasting effects on your locks. Going darker simply requires the coloring dyes you need.
  • Stay within two shades: As any stylist will be able to tell you, it is often best not to deviate too far from the color that you already have on your head. The general rule of thumb is to stay within two shades of your natural coloring. If you are thinking about changing up the look of your hair, take baby steps. Experimenting with a new look will be much easier if you don't do anything that will drastically alter your appearance or the delicate chemical balance of your locks.
  • Use your own coloring as a guide: The worst thing you can do is turn to other people or boxes of chemicals for inspiration for how you would like your hair to look. Because the new color is going to be resting on your head, it is best to use the locks that are already there as a guide. You can also do your best to imagine how the new hue will look with your skin tone, so you don't end up going too dark or too light for your complexion. Trust what you see in the mirror to inform your decision making process.

If you are interested in changing up your look for fall, consider having your hair dyed! Be sure to schedule an appointment with the professionals at Seasons Salon and Day Spa in order to get the best possible results for your luscious locks. Check out the rest of our website to learn more about the services that we offer our customers.

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