3 tips for planning a successful bachelorette party

If you or one of your close friends is getting married in the near future, there is an important rite of passage that you will have to plan – the bachelorette party. Although many people think of these parties as an excuse to act like a drunk idiot for a night, the truth is that the activities all require at least a little bit of planning. If you want everything to go off without a hitch, having a clear schedule in mind will help the night move along in a way that is fun for everybody involved. The last thing you want is to have a dud of a night!

Here are a few tips for a great bachelorette party strategy:

  • Blend the friend groups: You don't want to end up excluding some of the bride's friends by only sticking to one group that she is social with. Instead, be sure to invite the women from all areas of her life that she gets along with to create a big celebration.
  • Set a budget: One of the worst things you can do while creating this night is spending more money than all of the guests can afford. Remember that even the small splurges while you are out will eventually add up to something big. Simply decide on how much money you can all spend as a group and then stick to that decision.
  • Talk to the bride beforehand: If you are planning the party for another person, it is crucial that you two discuss the activities before the night begins. Some people might have lines they don't want to cross and you certainly want to avoid making the bride uncomfortable or angry on a night that is supposed to be celebrating her.

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