3 tips for healthier hair

When it comes to our hair, keeping it healthy is important! This is especially true for those who have it styled regularly, as the constant wear and tear on the follicles can have a negative impact. Luckily, there are plenty of all-natural ways that you can keep your locks looking great and as healthy as possible!

Whether you take great pride in how your hair looks or simply run a brush through it in the morning, you shouldn't gloss over how you can adopt certain practices that will ensure its protection.

Here are a few tips to have strong and healthy hair:

  • Avoid wet flat ironing: While you can certainly flat iron your hair to style it, make sure that the locks are completely dry before you do so. Wet hair is more vulnerable to breaking than dry hair is, so all of your styling can wait until it has been dried either with a blow dryer or the air.
  • Don't leave products in: Who doesn't love having a little product in their hair? It can certainly make your locks look great, but if left in longer than advised they can actually cause damage. Be sure to get it out before the point where you can feel the tingling on your head.
  • Eat enough protein: In addition to being good for the rest of your body, having enough protein in your diet is great for your hair. It will strengthen the roots and allow better strands to grow. This will also depend on your lifestyle – active people will need to consume greater amounts of protein than those who are sedentary.

If you are interested in more healthy hair tips and styles, contact Seasons Salon and Day Spa today!

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