3 hair trends for fall 2014

If you are looking to change up your look for fall, your hair is a great place to start! As we move from the warm days of summer into the chiller nights of fall and winter, many women will be styling and wearing their hair much differently.

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to look runway-ready, you simply need to visit a good stylist and know exactly the look you want! Fall 2014 is going to be dominated by several hair trends that you will see both in advertising and regular women. This blog will feature some of those looks!

Here are a few hair style ideas for this fall:

  • Braids: Even if this seems like a somewhat immature hairstyle, it is certainly one that is making a very strong comeback! Having your hair in a twisted braid – left to drape down one side of your head – will create an aesthetically pleasing layered effect.
  • Center stage: Hair that is completely flat to the head with a severe part and pulled back into ponytails is being brought back. The hair will look modern and well put together, as there will be not a single strand out of place.
  • Off-duty ballerina: While top high knots have always been a fashion statement, now it is the seeming effortlessness of them that is chic. Leaving the bun on the top of your head looking messy or a little bit undone will be all the rage as we move into the colder months.

If you are interested in having your hair styled for the fall, be sure to schedule an appointment today with the trained professionals at Seasons Salon and Day Spa!

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