3 foods that help prevent hair loss

While it is not unusual to lose a little bit of hair each day – it is something natural that happens to everybody – nobody wants it to become a full-blown problem. While hair loss generally effects men more than women, it is something that every person should be on the lookout for! Luckily, there are plenty of all-natural ways that can keep your locks strong and luscious for many years to come. This blog post will cover a few foods you can enjoy everyday that will help keep your hair firmly on your head.

Here are a few edibles that will save your hair:

  • Carrots: One of the best ways to make your locks strong is by ingesting enough vitamin A throughout the week. Vitamin A promotes the growth and health of hair cells, so having foods that are rich in the substance – such as carrots – is very important.
  • Oranges: Like vitamin A, vitamin C is also great for making sure that your hair stays in place. That is why fruits should be a heavy part of your diet, as oranges – as well as berries and melons – will give your body the levels of the substance that it needs for healthy hair.
  • Shrimp: Hair loss, as well as other afflictions such as dandruff, are commonly associated with zinc deficiency. In order to prevent this, you should eat zinc-rich seafoods such as shrimp and oysters as a major meal at least once or twice each week.

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