3 common myths of chemical skin peels

If you have ever considered having a chemical skin peel, there are likely a variety of reasons that previously held you back. Despite what you might hear and see in pop culture, these procedures are not going to leave you with horribly burned or disfigured skin. In fact, the most noticeable effects of really deep peels are only apparent when they are performed by a physician for a variety of medical reasons. Like any other kind of spa treatment, chemical skin peels can be great for your health and appearance.

Here are a few very common myths of chemical skin peels:

  • It can fix any issues: Although chemical skin peels can indeed improve the appearance of your skin, they cannot undo any long-term effects, such as damage from the sun or other factors of aging. Don't expect this process to instantly take two decades of wear and tear off of your face.
  • Only beneficial for problem skin: Even if you don't suffer from any skin problems, such as sensitivity or marks, you can still benefit from a chemical peel. This process can leave you with skin that is glowing and feels new and fresh, no matter what shape your skin is actually in.
  • They can be performed at home: Just because this option is out there does not mean you should exercise it. When it comes to the skin on your face, these procedures are best left to trained estheticians or other medical professionals. You don't want to risk any permanent scarring or damage to your face.

To book a chemical skin peel with trained professionals, be sure to contact Seasons Salon and Day Spa today!

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