3 basic pole dancing tips for beginners

If you have never considered pole dancing as a form of exercise, now is definitely the time! It is becoming more and more popular among women these days, with many spas and gyms offering pole dancing classes for all levels of experience.

Even those who have never tried it before are welcome to take a beginner's course, where they will learn the basics and even get in a great workout. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, we're going to share with you a few basic tips that will help you achieve early success.

Here are a few helpful pieces of information for pole dancing novices:

  • Avoid lotion: A day or so before your first class, you shouldn't put any kind of moisturizer or lotion on your hands or arms. This can have a direct impact on how well you can grip the pole, which will be essential for your overall success.
  • Stretch your body: Like any exercise, you will be much better prepared if you are as limber as you can be. This can often be an intense experience, so don't be alarmed if you are sore or have any slight bruising the next morning. It will take time to build up your strength and stamina!
  • Wear light clothes: While your comfort level with the amount of clothing you wear in public is entirely up to you, it is usually better to dress lighter for this kind of exercise. Having the freedom to move around and contort your body is key, which will be much easier to do if you are as unrestricted as possible.

If you are interested in taking one of our pole dancing classes for beginners, check out Seasons Salon and Day Spa today!

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