Why Eyelash Extensions


One of the primary advantages of Eyelash Extensions is that you won’t need mascara!
Of course wearing eye lash extensions only adds to your beauty! 


  • They are semi-permanent and last indefinitely
  • Touch-ups only every 2 to 4 weeks
  • Eye Lash Extensions are painless!  The relaxing procedure takes only 90 to 150 minutes.
  • Touch-ups are done as little as 30 minutes , 45min and 60min sessions
  • Lash Extensions are water resistant so you can swim or shower worry free
  • Easy to care for
  • Instant gratification upon waking every morning!!
  • Wear the same brand that top Celebrities wear! Eyelash Extensions can be seen on top models & celebrities on the Red Carpet, in films, in print and on television.  They are so natural looking you may never know who has them on! 




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