The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

The holidays are past, and winter is nearly over. Take some time for yourself to unwind and destress with a deep tissue massage. Here are a few reasons why a deep tissue massage is the perfect treat. Deep tissue massage:

Relieves Muscle Tension

You’ve been doing so good sticking to your New Year’s resolutions, eating better, and exercising regularly. Give your body a well-earned treat. A deep tissue massage helps recharge muscles and relieve tension. High impact exercise like running puts additional stress on tendons and fascia thatonly a deep tissue massage can reach.

Reduces Stress

A 40-60 minute deep tissue massage has actually been proven to lower blood pressure and stress hormones. When the body is relaxed, it releases oxytocin and serotonin, hormones known to improve mood and help you sleep better.

Relieves Chronic Pain

Pain from injuries, poor posture, or osteoarthritis can be reduced with regular therapeutic massages. Recent studies suggest that a deep tissue massage from a trained professional is more effective than some prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Here’s What to Expect

During the massage, your therapist may use hands, fingers, knuckles, elbows, and forearms. The therapist may instruct you on proper breathing throughout the massage; these techniques will help you relax and enjoy the experience. If at any point you feel discomfort or the pressure is too much, let your therapist know. Deep tissue is not for everyone, so confirm with your doctor that you are healthy enough for this form of therapy You’ll be in good hands at Season Salon and Day Spa where a therapist can help you relieve muscle tension and chronic pain and reduce stress with a deep tissue massage in Orem.


7 thoughts on “The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

  1. Thanks for this post on the benefits of deep tissue massage. I feel like I am in need of a deep tissue massage. I have had really bad muscle tension on my lower back. It is good to know that it can help with that, as well as with stress. I feel super stressed lately, so I should probably go get a massage soon. Thanks for the help!

  2. I’ve been begging my husband to stay home and watch the kids so that I could take a spa day. A massage just sounds SO good right about now. I had no idea that massages could help people dealing with chronic pain. That’s so cool.

    1. Right! We are open until 9pm Monday-Thursday making our last 60min massage at 7:45pm. We’d love the opportunity to pamper you. Mommy’s always need some extra pampering!!

  3. Many thanks for sharing benefits of deep tissue massage, Keep sharing this type of an informative blog. I’m looking to read more post from you.

  4. I am so glad to know that a deep tissue massage can help with poor posture. It is also good to know that osteoarthritis can be reduced with regular therapeutic massages. Scheduling massages on less busy days would be a good thing to do to ensure you get the most out of your spa experience.

    1. Thank you so much!!!

  5. Thanx for the sharing.

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