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Does Tanning Help with Acne?

We can’t help but hear it all the time that tanning is a huge risk. But, with the proper precautions, going out in the sun isn’t terrible, and we often hear about the many benefits from being outside, especially after a week of sitting in a cubicle. One of the most common benefits we hear about the sun and tanning is that it reduces acne–which is something we love to hear! If you are wondering about whether or not tanning will help your acne, here are just a few answers. (more…)

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3 reasons to spray tan during the winter

Here are a few reasons why you should maintain a spray tan during the winter.

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3 ways to prep yourself for a spray tan

Here are a few simple ways to prep your skin for a professional spray tan.

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3 benefits of airbrush tanning

Here are a few reasons why you should consider airbrush tanning.

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7 Air Brush Spray Tanning Benefits

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your skin has to lose it’s healthy glow! With Spring just around the corner a nice bronzed glow might just be the perfect touch to brighten your spirits! In addition to making you look healthy and tan all year long, airbrush tanning provides a great alternative to traditional tanning […]

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