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Trendy Hair Colors and Techniques for the Upcoming Season

Looking for a new and hip hair color or hair coloring technique for the upcoming season? Want to stay trendy and not be “so last year”? Check out these hair color trends and techniques to update your look. Highlighting: One of most recent trends is to utilize different colors to create streaks or degrees with […]

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Best Reasons for and Types of Upper Back Massages

Upper back massage is a kind of massage that requires plenty of professional administration. It is one of the most recommended massages by medical professionals since it has many benefits. We’ll discuss the best reasons for, and types of, upper back massages and their techniques and benefits as outlined below. Types of Upper Back Massage […]

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Benefits of Massage for Muscle Pain and Other Ills

Many people think that massage is just a way to pamper yourself every once in a while. Of course, this is true, but it’s far from being the only benefit for massage. More and more, we are seeing that massage is a great way to treat chronic muscle pain and other health issues. Pain Reduction […]

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Other Make up Monday from our Jane Iredale Cosmetics…. Lets talk about 💋LIP FIXATION👏👍😍 ✔️the look softly saturated   ✔️the feel supple  ✔️Get double-beauty duty with two products in one.   ✔️Each Lip Fixation boasts a lip stain and lip gloss in complementary colors.           ✔️Dual-ended lip stain and lip gloss […]

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When Massage Therapy Can Be a Tool for Pain Relief

When you think about a massage spa, you think about relaxation. Did you know that it can also be an effective method to relieve your chronic pain? Scientists have conducted various studies to learn about how massage therapy can treat pain. Here are some conditions that people have which can benefit from massage therapy to […]

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An Overview of 5 Advantages of Acrylic Nails

Nothing can make you feel more beautiful and poised than having a great looking set of nails. Unfortunately, natural nails tend to be brittle and prone to cracks and chips, some of which can be very painful. Acrylic nails are a great way for any woman to have great looking nails that are easy to […]

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Hot Stone Massage: Luxury Spa Treatment and Serious Massage Therapy

Massage is an ancient technique that you can find referenced throughout history in Greece, Rome, Egypt, and across Asia. Massage is traditionally used for two things: relaxation and a variety of medicinal purposes. Massage gained popularity in the United States in the mid-19th century and was based on the Swedish technique. It continues to be […]

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Why Is Red Light Therapy used in Tanning Salons?

When most people think of tanning salons, they automatically assume that the only services offered are for recreational tanning. However, a new type of bed to help reverse skin damage from the sun or other sources is becoming more common in tanning salons. Red light therapy is a noninvasive, easy, and relaxing treatment that can […]

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Which Massage Styles Are Best?

If you are looking to relax in Orem, a massage is a great choice. By engaging in this type of therapy, you can cure a multitude of issues. Stress can be reduced, sleep quality can be enhanced, and injuries can become less painful. However, with so many different types of massage available, which type is […]

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Why Getting Frequent Massages Is Good for Your Well-Being

There’s a reason why when you think about getting a massage, you envision white sand beaches, cruise ships, or a spa retreat in some beautiful location. A massage is a great way to treat yourself to a relaxing, satisfying, healthful experience. Getting a massage has many facets. Masseuses create an environment that is inviting and […]

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