5 reasons to give the gift of Relaxation this Valentines Day!

Aside from the more common physical benefits people may be aware of, such as relieving muscle tension, alleviating low back pain, increasing flexibility and range of motion, the benefits of massage run much deeper!

Massage releases seratonin-a hormone that actually makes you “feel good”.  It helps to alleviate anxiety and depression in turn leaving you feeling “happy”.  Massage releases endorphins- our body’s natural painkillers and it boosts our immune system making you feel healthy and vibrant!

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Can you think of a better way to spend this Valentines Day?!

Slip into our Seasons robe and slippers and unwind together with a 15 min aromatherapy foot soak and scrub, a 60 min couples massage, and a 30 min infrared sauna session.  Showers are available!

Schedule your Valentine Couples Massage Getaway for only $120!!!


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